Hi, my name is Brenton Ford. I started Effortless Swimming in the summer of 2008 with the simple question, ‘How can I help others improve their swimming?’ I’ve been involved with swimming since I was thrown in the deep end at 4 years of age. I live in Melbourne, Australia and I’ve competed at a National level on numerous occasions. Now I’m a ‘full-time’ swimming coach (It’s hard to define coaching as ‘full-time’ when the hours are so absurd!) and it’s my mission to help others succeed in swimming, no matter what level they’re at.


If you’re interested here is the full story of how Effortless Swimming came about:

My name is Brenton and I’ve had swimming in my genes for longer than I can remember. My grandfather was a swimming coach for most of his life and ran an outdoor 50 meter pool in the Gippsland area. You couldn’t walk past a person in the town who didn’t know who he was. His dark sun-worn skin and thick Austrian accent couldn’t be mistaken.

I grew up around pools, with my dad being a dedicated swimming coach and my mum teaching children to learn to swim. Now my parents own a learn to swim business and continue to coach at the local swimming club which has had huge success for a country club.

In my own swimming, I’ve made national finals and competed at a national level for 8 years. Two years ago I found my passion for coaching. I love helping other people completely change their swimming, and the look on their face once they finally ‘get it’ is invaluable. Sounds corny? Maybe, but I can tell you that the dozens of swimmers I’ve helped over the past 2 years has been incredibly satisfying and the results they’ve got have been outstanding. So, what does all this have to do with your thinking?

Effortless Swimming was created so that you could receive all the latest updates about swimming technique, skills, practice programs and everything else swimming related. If your only starting out or if you have 20 years experience makes no difference. With the right knowledge and the right skills, anyone can acheive the level of success they desire in the pool. I’ve seen it happen no matter what age, body shape , body type, height or sex you might be. If you really want to swim like the top 5% who do it well and leave the 95% behind, it can be done.

Once again, congratulations on taking the first step on your journey of learning to swim like a champion! I look forward to working with you for years and years to come.

To your swimming,

Brenton Ford