Laurie Laurence was Australia’s most influential swimming coach in the 1980’s and early 1990’s. He coached on 2 Commonwealth games teams and 3 Olympic teams, with his own swimmers winning 10 gold, 11 silver and 12 bronze medals at Olympic level.

Today Laurence plays a large part in the ‘Learn to swim’ field here in Australia, with his goal to reduce the number of infant drownings to 0. He is best known for his passion for sport, and seeing people succeed. If your not sure what I mean, take a look at this video.

At the 0:59 mark, listen to what he says. “What do you think we come here for, silver? Stuff the silver, we come here for gold!”

This is the mindset it takes to win. For all the swimmers wanting to improve their swimming technique, what if you had this kind of mindset?

Rather than wishy-washy thoughts and goals why not have the attitude: “What do you think I’m here for, to swim average? Stuff average, I’m here to learn it right and swim like a champion!”

Thats the kind of swimmer all coaches want to teach, and that’s the type of swimmer I would go out of my way to help anyday.

If you’re serious about learning swimming technique, make the promise to yourself to learn it right and to persist until you get it right 100%. That’s the type of attitude which will take you where you want to be, faster than you ever thought possible.

Laurie’s book Five Ring Fever: Winning is Contagious can purchased here.