I’m excited! I was browsing the ESPN website today and came across an interesting article about Michael Phelps’ swimming technique…


Just as we’re in the final stages of putting together our ‘How To Master Freestyle Technique’ video, I see on ESPN that Phelps has modeled his stroke on Alexander Popov’s stroke. Popov, if you don’t remember, was the former Russian freestyle superstar who held the 50m freestyle world record and was know for being the greatest at freestyle efficiency.

The good thing is our ‘How to’ video will show you how to develop the same technique as Popov (and Phelps) through a series of drills which both swimmers do in training.The first video I ever saw on swimming technique was of Alex Popov. Ever since that video I’ve had a passion in helping people master the art of swimming. Once they finally ‘get it’ and they’re passing people in the pool with very little effort, the game changes from being a ‘chore’ to being fun and quite honestly, addictive!

Here’s a link to part of that very first Popov DVD I’m talking about:


Keep on swimming!

P.S – Keep an eye out for more updates on our upcoming video